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Climbing Wall
Indoor climbing with WASC

Indoor climbing is a great and sociable way to keep fit and build your skills for climbing outdoors 

Kid Climbing Wall

What WASC can do

We can direct you to various local climbing walls, such as Frome, Chippenham and Bristol.

We can provide you a platform on which you can suggest and arrange trips with fellow WASC members. 

Where there is demand, we can help to organise a group instructor, at an additional cost.

What WASC can't do

We aren't climbing instructors. We can't teach you to climb.

We can't provide climbing equipment such as shoes, harnesses and ropes.  

Kid Climbing Wall

Tips for successful indoor climbing

Wear climbing shoes or trainers and loose fitting clothing. 

Check out what kind of climbing is available at the climbing wall before you go, and whether you will need to complete any assessments before you climb. 

Check whether you will need to hire equipment, such as a harness. 

Stretch well before and after you climb.

Minimise risks

Follow all the rules at the climbing wall. 

Check that your equipment is in good condition and in date. 

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