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Hiking with WASC

We're fortunate to live near stunning countryside!

WASCers are keen to explore our local environment and further afield - by day and night!

Hiking in Sunset

What WASC can do

We can identify great places to walk and provide a platform where members can plan and organise their own walks. 

We can lead map-reading and walk-planning sessions if there is demand. 

What WASC can't do

We do not insure you for hikes. We assume that you will take responsibility for yourself and others.

We can't lead multiple walks for several groups of varying ability.

We can't judge your level of ability and tailor the lengths and difficulty of walks to suit everyone. 

We can't guarantee fine weather, or that the weather will be the same at the end of your trip as it is when you started out. 

We can't guarantee that there will be a first aider or a first aid kit on all walks.

Hiking in Sunset

Tips for a successful hike

Be aware of your own capabilities in terms of how far you can walk and what terrain you are comfortable walking on.

Familiarise yourself with the length and difficulty of the walk before you go. Don't just join a walk that everyone else is doing. It may not be right for you. 

Wear good walking boots that you have worn before.

Carry a drink and energy snacks. 

Take a map and make sure you know how to use it.

Minimise risks

Be ready to change your plans or turn back if conditions worsen.

Don't take unnecessary risks.

 Take extra layers and waterproof clothing, or, on hot days, a sun hat, sun cream and plenty of water.

Be aware of how many hours of daylight are available and plan your walk accordingly.

Be aware of the walking abilities of everyone in your group before you set off. If you feel someone will not be able to manage the walk, discourage them from joining in or adapt your plan.  

Have a contingency plan in case you or another member of the group is struggling or has an accident.

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