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Bike Trail
Bike rides with WASC

What better way to explore our local area than on a bike! Whether it's on-road or off-road, WASCers love to explore our local countryside and heritage on two wheels.

Bike Trip

What WASC can do

We can introduce you to some great on-road and off-road bike routes in Wiltshire and our neighbouring counties. 

We can provide a platform where members can plan and organise their own bike rides. 

We don't own club bikes, but our friendly members might lend you one if you don't have your own. 

What WASC can't do

We can't fix or maintain your bike for you. Please make sure your bike is road-worthy before you set out. 

Our members aren't bike instructors or cycle trip leaders. Therefore you are not insured for cycling trips.

We can't flatten the hills, reverse the wind direction, make your saddle more comfortable or get you to the end quicker! 

Bike Trip

Tips for a successful bike ride

Make sure your bike is well-maintained and serviced. 

Bring a spare tyre, a puncture repair kit and a pump. Bring lights too, just in case you are out later than you expect.

Wear cycling shorts/trousers with a gel seat. 

Bring plenty of drink and snacks. 

Be aware of the length of journey you are comfortable completing and the length of time you like to be out. If you think the planned route is too long for you, don't go, or only attend part of the ride. 

Bring sun-cream.

Take waterproofs in case the weather changes.

Minimise risks

Check the route beforehand and make sure it's something you can handle.

Be aware of the speeds of the other riders in your group.

Think about what you will do in the case of a puncture or injury, or if you can't keep up with the other riders. 

Have your own map of the route. 

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