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Paddleboarding with WASC

Paddleboarding is a popular new way to access gentle waterways. 

Explore sheltered, local rivers and canals with WASC!


What WASC can do

We have club paddleboards, along with buoyancy aids,  helmets and pumps which members can use at minimal cost.

 We can provide a platform on which members can share their paddleboarding experiences, skills and knowledge and plan trips together.

We can suggest sheltered locations where members have paddleboarded safely.

We can share information about local paddleboarding courses where you can develop your skills. ​

All members of WASC have the option to become club affiliated members of British Canoeing, giving public liability insurance on club trips.

Our club includes some trained or qualified members in safety and rescue skills and we can share our knowledge. If there is demand, we can help to organise safety and rescue training at an additional cost.

The club can offer a course in basic paddle safety which will help you to check equipment and make good decisions when paddling independently.

What WASC can't do

We do not have any trained paddleboarding instructors in the club. If you want to learn to paddleboard, you should take a course elsewhere. 

We do not have waterside storage for our paddleboards, thus we cannot always transport boards to an event for you. 

If you want to explore British waterways independently, we highly advise you to become an On-the-water member of British Canoeing

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Tips for a successful paddle-boarding trip

Ask the leader what is the best thing to wear for the time of year. The club has wetsuits you can borrow in cold weather. Wear wet shoes if you have them. 

Always wear a buoyancy aid and do it up. 

 Make sure you bring a towel and a change of clothes. Insect repellent and sun cream are useful in summer.  

Minimise risks

Check with the leader how often he/she has visited this waterway. If you aren't confident with his/her ability to lead the group safely, don't go.

Check if there is a first aider, trained rescuer  and qualified instructor before you decide to attend a trip. This will affect whether the trip is insured.

Dress appropriately. Wear a helmet for rescue training and games. You can ask to wear a helmet for any event if you want one. 

Do not paddle alone. Make sure you can always see other people in your group. 

Understand that the conditions in a familiar waterway change according to recent weather.

If you fall in, intentionally or otherwise, make sure you shower afterwards. 

Read the paddling risk assessment

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