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Trekking Trip

Mountain walking with WASC


WASC makes frequent trips to Snowdonia and we have also had trips to the Peak District and have even completed the Three Peaks Challenge! We are keen to explore new areas too. If you have a mountain climbing goal in the UK, you're likely to find someone in the club who will take on the challenge with you!

Mountain Cliff Hiker

What WASC can do


We can book a great value bunk house that will give members access to the mountains for a weekend. Members can usually bring their non-member friends and family too, for a slightly higher fee. 

We can help you find walks, hikes and climbs suitable for your level of ability. 

We can give basic advice on what to wear, what to take and how to prepare for emergencies.

We can bring adventurous mountain walkers together so that they can plan their own walks. 

What WASC can't do


We aren't trained mountain leaders, so we can't lead you up and down mountains. 

We do not insure mountain walking. If you want to be insured for mountain walking, we recommend you take out a BMC membership

We can't lead multiple walks for several groups of varying ability.

We can't guarantee fine weather with great visibility or that the weather will be the same at the end of your trip as it was when you started out.

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Mountain Cliff Hiker

Tips for a successful
mountain walk


Familiarise yourself with the different walks in the area. Don't just pick a route that everyone else is doing. It may not be right for you.

Wear good walking boots that you have worn before.

Carry plenty of drink and energy snacks. 

Take a first aid kit. 

Take a map and make sure you know how to use it.

Minimise risks

Be ready to change your plans or turn back if conditions worsen.

Walk in groups of three of three or more. 

Don't take unnecessary risks.

 Take extra layers and waterproof clothing.

Stay in sight of other walkers.

Be aware of how many hours of daylight are available and plan your walk accordingly.

Be aware of the walking abilities of everyone in your group before you set off. If you feel someone will not be able to manage the walk, do not bring them along. 

Have a contingency plan in case members of your group are struggling or have an accident.

Be aware of your own capabilities.

If you aren't confident about climbing a mountain without a qualified leader, hire one.

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