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Magical Landscapes

Caving with WASC

Under our feet is a world of rocks and tunnels carved out over the eons by the action of water. WASC can introduce you to this magical new world, and, if you develop a taste for it, direct you to how to can explore deeper.  

Frozen Cave

What WASC can do


We can introduce you to popular, easy caves in the Mendips which are open to the public.

We can supply club cave suits in different sizes and helmets with lamps at a minimal hire cost per trip.

We can organise trips with other caving clubs, experienced or qualified leaders, enabling us to explore new caves safely. 

What WASC can't do


Our trips are not led by qualified caving instructors. You attend events at your own risk.

The leader may or may not have first aid training. 

Club membership does not include public liability insurance. If you want to explore further underground, we highly advise you to become a member of the British Caving association.

Frozen Cave

Tips for a successful caving trip


Wear loose clothing, such as jogging bottoms and a thin sweatshirt. Wear hiking boots or wellies. You will soon get warm scrambling underground so don't wear thick, restrictive clothing. The temperature inside caves is the same all year round. 

Take an energy bar and a drink. A cardboard carton is ideal for carrying inside your caving suit. 

Minimise risks

Check with the leader how often he/she has visited this cave. If you aren't confident with his/her ability to lead the group safely, don't go.

Before entering the cave, make sure someone knows where you are going. Send them a message as soon as you return above ground.

Check that the leader has a first aid kit. Think about what you will do if the leader is incapacitated. 

Understand that underground, you may feel claustrophobic and anxious. Let the leader know if you are prone to such attacks.

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