What to expect

The WASC is a great club if you want to try out different activities, choose which ones you would like to develop, meet like-minded people and share skills and ideas. You and fellow WASCals can put your heads together and make your adventure dreams happen.

Our members enjoy: Trying out a variety of different sports, meeting new friends with whom they can develop skills, not being fixed to specific dates, the flexibility of being able to dip in and out of club life, and turning their ideas for outdoor adventures into a reality. 

The club has a range of kayaks, canoes, climbing equipment, caving equipment and wetsuits which are available to members, and can be hired for a small cost for both club events and private use

Please be aware that, although there are skilled and experienced people in the club, all our members are not instructors. Some members are qualified in different sports but our ethos is to share and develop skills, rather than to provide tuition. However, we can guide you into finding suitable courses or instructors, and occasionally organise formal training courses for our members. BMC / BC membership will also give you access to a range of low-cost courses.  

Many of our events are advertised on our Facebook calendar, but many more are organised in our WASC chat groups. That means you won't know everything that goes on unless you join the club


Members communicate with each other using Whatsapp chat groups. On registering, you will be invited to join the following main chatgroups:

Other chat groups are formed for specific eventsBe warned - the chat groups get busy!

If you have any other questions about WASC, do not hesitate to get in touch. Email committee@thewasc.org

Tinker Ines

 Our chat group

for general banter 

Climbing Chat

Watersports Chat

Biking & Caving


for important announcements