2006 - A Year of Discovery

These are the events that took place during 2006. We include them here both for memories' sake and so that enquirers can get an idea of the type of events which The WASC undertakes.


Saturday 14 January 12pm - 1pm - High Diving at Trowbridge Pool
Trowbridge Pool have a 10m high diving board which is available to use at this time. In addition there is "Family Fun", which I guess means lots of floating stuff. Good one for families or individuals. Either meet at Trowbridge Pool at 12pm or at 78 Portway at 11.15am.

Friday 20 January - Bristol Climbing Centre
Depart 78 Portway at 5pm for more jolly japes in St Werbergh's.

Monday 23 January - Club Meeting
7pm at 78 Portway. Regular Meeting.


Friday 3 February - Climbing Swindon
Meet at 5pm at 78 Portway for an evening of climbing at the Swindon Climbing Centre. Suitable for kids.

Sat 18 February - Holcombe Quarry, abseil climb & MTB
Meet at 78 Portway for a day of climbing, abseiling and MTB at Holcombe Quarry on the other side of Frome. Suitable for kids.

Fri 24 February - Climbing Bristol
Depart 78 Portway at 5pm for even more jolly japes in St Werbergh's.


Friday 3 March - Caving Expedition
TBC but will be primarily for kids, less arduous. Leave 78 Portway at 5pm.

Friday 17 March - Bristol Climbing
Depart 78 Portway at 5pm for climbing at the Bristol Climbing Centre. Suitable for kids.

Sunday 19 March - The Outdoors Show, Birmingham NEC
Depart 78 Portway at 9am to go visit this show. A great place to buy equipment at low prices. Usually there is a good deal on tickets in Climber Magazine.

Monday 20 March - Ironman Egg Hunt Planning Session
7pm at 78 Portway, this is to discuss how we will organise the Ironman Easter Egg Hunt. Come equiped with ideas.

Saturday 25 March - SRT & Shooting on Fred's farm
SRT is Single Rope Technique - basically how to go up and down a rope. We will be practicing these techniques on Fred's farm and shooting air rifles/pistols too. Suitable for kids but they will require supervision.

Thursday 30 March - Severn Bore
If anyone is interested Bill may be surfing this one, or at least floating down it with the kids. The bore happens at 9.28am so it's an early start.


Saturday 1 April - Canoe Trip Rode to Farleigh Hungerford

Get in canoes at Rode and paddle down to Farleigh. Very nice, suitable for kids. Leave from 78 Portway at 9.30am. Suitable for kids if they have paddled before.

Friday 7 April - 1 Star Canoeing, second half
This is the second half of the 1* canoeing for all those people that did the first half. This is a half term day so meet at BoA canoe club at 10.30am.

Sat 15 April - Ironman Easter Egg Hunt
Lots of kids set off on the most arduous Easter egg hunt ever created. Venue/Time TBA.

Mon 24 April - Club Meeting
7pm at 78 Portway.


Saturday 6 May - 1 Star Canoeing, second half
This is for those who have yet to complete their 1 star canoeing second half. It will probably involve meeting at Darren's house at about 1pm and then going on to Bradford on Avon.

Monday 8 May - Vallis Climbing
This is some hard core climbing for adults in Vallis Vale, near Frome. Meet at Vallis at 6pm or earlier.

Friday 19 May - Caving
Caving somewhere, venue TBA. Leave from 78 Portway at 6pm.


Monday 5 June - Caving Swilden's Sumps 1, 2 & 3
Serious caving for people who want to endure two 30ft tunnels filled with cold water. Leave from 78 Portway at 6pm

Friday 9 - Sunday 11 June - WASC Weekend in S. Wales
Combining canoeing on the River Wye, camping out and a possible visit to the Langorse activity centre, and more!!!! Leave from 78 Portway at 5pm

Saturday 24 June - Multi-level MTB
This involves meeting at Heaven's Gate Car Park at which point there will be three parties going off on different routes from kiddy through to advanced. Meet at Heaven's Gate Car Park with bikes at 2pm


Saturday 1 July - Archery Day

Have a go and twang some arrows. Meet at 78 Portway at 1pm.

Monday 3 July - WASC Meeting
Meet at 78 Portway at 7pm.

Friday 14 - Sunday 16 July - Camping & Sailing at Arne, Poole Harbour
Subject to us having access to this area the idea is to go down to Arne, camp out and use canoes and saling dinghies to sail around Poole Harbour and generally have a good time.

Friday 21 July - End of Term Campout
In order to celebrate the end of term come and camp out in the garden of Rose Villa. Enjoy roasted marshmallows over an open fire and listen to Becki play guitar.

Friday 28 July - Gliding Kingston Deverill
Darren is taking some of his "clients" from work gliding at Kingston Deverill gliding club. You have to pay to have a go but there is a discounted rate. Contact Darren if you are interested.


Monday 21 August - Outdoor Climbing

This is some hard core climbing for adults in Holcombe or Fairy Cave Quarry. Leave Warminster at 6pm or earlier. Bring a headtorch.


During August a lot of people are away on holiday, it is however a great time for climbing, camping out, etc. So if you want to do anything simply email the list and see what everyone is up to. Some rally driving practice on Fred's fields and a possible deep water soloing event are likely to take place.

Fri, Sat & Sun, 1, 2 & 3 September - Wilderness Gathering
The Wilderness Gathering is a survival/outdoors fair based near East Knoyle. Members will be visiting en masse at some point during the weekend - probably Saturday. Those interested should contact secretary@thewasc.org. For more details visit www.wildernessgathering.co.uk.

Friday 8, 15, 22, 29 September and Friday 6 & 13 October - BCU 2* Kayak Course
Darren has now qualified as a 2* kayak instructor and is running the 2* course over six evenings through September/October. This is a tip top course. You can join whether you have the 1* already or not. The course will take place in Bradford on Avon starting at 6pm each Friday.


Saturday 14 October - Commando Challenge

This is an opportunity to do the Royal Marine Commando course over seven miles. You get completely knackered and covered in mud while trained killers yell at you and order you to do press-ups in puddles. For details see http://www.commandochallenge.co.uk/ obviously we need to get a team together - so who is up for it?

Wednesday 25 October - Outside Climbing
Climbing outside somewhere, venue TBA. Leave Warminster at 5.30pm convene at Darren's house at 9 Gipsy Lane.

Monday 6 November - WASC Meeting
Regular Club meeting at 7.30pm at 78 Portway.

Saturday 11 November - Firework Party at the Fryers
A fabulous opportunity to enjoy a feast of colour, fire and explosions and the ritual buring of a catholic. Venue 78 Portway, time 7.30pm, bring a bit of food and drink and come along during the day from 1pm to help set up. This year: two live bands (good ones).

Saturday 18, 25 November & 2, 9 December - Dry Slope Skiing Lessons
This takes place at the Yeovil dry ski centre where Darren has negotiated a special rate for 10+ people. Leave Warminster from 9 Gipsy Lane at 5.30pm

Saturday 16 December - WASC Xmas Party
7.30pm at 9 Gipsy Lane, Warminster, bring a bottle and a few nibbles.
Sunday 31 December - Swildon's Caving Trip
This is a fairly hardcore caving trip down Swildon's, bring a thick wetsuit. Leave 78 Portway, Warminster at 11am.