Adventure Sports Links

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Local Info
A1 Surfing - Instant reports on conditions at SW beaches.

Black Canon Collective - A group of mountain bikers who get dirty in the Longleat woods.

Bristol Climbing Centre - Great place with lots of climbs and good courses.

Javu - A very good guide to climbs around Dartmoor and the Southwest.

Kingston Deverill Gliding Club - Just outside Warminster.

Mendip Climbing - A great little site devoted to climbing in the Mendips. Lots of information & routes about sites regularly used by wascals.

Metcheck - Detailed weather forecasts including very long range forecasts.

Scuba Blue - Warminster's very own scuba diving club.

Severn Bore Timetable - When to hit "the big one".

Swindon Climbing Centre - Home to a large concrete wall where you can place your own gear.

UK Crags - A great site with good colour phots and lots of information about climbing in Swanage.

UK Climbing - Lots of info about climbing including an online national database of crags.

UK Satellite Pic - Updated every three hours, click on the top link on the page (Reading) to view a Met Office satellite pic.

Warminster Running Club - Lots of local running events and good people to run with.

The Warminster Web - Where you can find out what is happening in Warminster.

Wessex Biathlon Club - One, if not the only biathlon club in the country and it's based in Warminster. Learn to ski with a rifle.

DMM - Climbing gear, harnesses, karabiners, ice screws, axes and crampons.

Lyon Equipment - Not strictly a manufacturer but the main importer for Petzl equipment.

Oddities - Novelty karabiners.

Ordnance Survey - Map makers.

Petzl - Top French manufacturers.

Wild Country - Friends, rocks, climbing gear, harnesses.

Wired Bliss - Camming devices.

Official Bodies
The Alpine Club - The oldest climbing club in the world is based in London and has a brilliant Library (020 7613 0745) available to non-members for a fee. Essential stopping off place for expedition research - hint, start with the American Alpine Club Journal and then seek out individual expedition reports.

Alpine Ski Club - National ski mountaineering club.

British Mountaineering Council - Official body for climbing, mountaineering and hillwalking; membership gives you good value insurance.

MLTB - Mountain Leadership Training Board.

Stuff to buy
Ace Supplies - Similar to Point North; people that supply hard to find things.

Feet First - Resole those rockboots with 5-10 rubber. Walking boots too.

Hitch & Hike - Good online shop with wide range of climbing, caving and outdoor supplies.

Megagrip - Rock climbing clothing and chalk. Aliens. Lots of cheap stuff.

Point North - A handy place to buy all sorts of materials, tape and cordage.

Rock & Run - Good all-round online gear shop.

Sports Cover Direct - The best place to buy life insurance if you take part in adventure sports.

Stanfords - Expedition map suppliers.

Tent Repair Services - Pretty obvious.

Special Interest Sites
Climb Guide - A climbing links directory.

The Castle Combe Skid Pan - And racing car and 4X4 driving courses.

Extreme Ironing - The legendary site.

Joe Simpson - The man who touched the void.

Morthicia - Catacombs of Paris, check it out.

Rock Fax - Lots of information about climbing.

The Snowdon Webcam - Pretty obvious.

UK Caving - Virtual foyer for UK caving with lots of specialist caving sites listed.

Zorbing in Swanage - Go zorbing, it's only an hour and a half away.

South West Surfing - surfing site for south west folk.

Technical Info
Bushcraft - Specialist survival site which also runs survival courses.

Climb Better - Subtitled "The Archive of Rock Climbing Moves & Tips".

Time Outdoors - Vast site with training and other articles.

Reciprocal Links
Bill Fryer Direct - WASC member's site and, funnily enough, also the webmaster.

UK What's On Guide - UK What's On directory.

Warminster Online - Directory for Warminster.

Warminster Journal - Top local newspaper.

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