Everything you need to know about The WASC

The Warminster Adventure Sports Club was started in 2005 by a small group of thrill-seeking Warminster folk who decided Warminster was getting a bit boring and it was time to find some other people with whom they could spice up the sporting life of the town. And so the Warminster Adventure Sports Club (or WASC) was formed.
What do we do?
The Warminster Adventure Sports Club does exactly what it says it does; adventure sports. As it is in Warminster and there are no other similar clubs nearby we tend to do a variety of different activities, although climbing remains a favourite because it is easy to set up and very accessible all year round.
Who can join?
Anyone can join the WASC, there are no membership qualifications. Membership is divided into two categories for: Adult & Family. People who are 18 and under need to join as part of a family and a parent or guardian, who is also a member, needs to be present while that person is taking part in events.
How do I join?
Simply visit the page, download an Application Form and send it in with your cheque. If you have any problems email secretary@thewasc.org with your name, address, mobile phone number, home phone number and email address and he will send you a membership application form and constitution. Fill these in and return them and you will then be a member.
How much does it cost?
All membership includes BMC insurance, prices are as follows: Single Adult membership is £24.00 a year; For Families it is £60.00 (with unlimited children); For smaller families, i.e. 1 adult, 1 child, under 18's are £12 a year membership. If you are taking out Family membership and including children, the parental consent form on the application form needs to be filled in and signed by a parent or guardian. Membership donations fall due on the 1st January each year and reminders are sent in November. For more information go to Join Today.
What about insurance?
Your WASC membership includes BMC insurance which is as a discounted rate compared to if it was bought directly through the BMC. Your BMC membership covers you for £5,000,000 worth of Public Liability insurance and £10,000 of Personal Disability insurance while you are climbing, mountaineering or hillwalking. It also includes discounts at over 700 retailers and other benefits. If you want more insurance please consult an insurance broker - we have found that Sports Cover Direct offer comprehensive personal insurance at good rates. All club members sign a legal indemnity stating that they are responsible for their own actions and the risks they take.

What happens to my money?
As a club, all assets are the property of the members. If the club were to dissolve then the assets would be sold off and the money distributed to local charities. Money raised goes primarily towards the purchase of equipment which club members use.
How often do you meet?
Take a look at our Events page to see what events we have planned. As you would expect the Summer is a busier time that Winter. During the Summer there is often something happening almost every week. The club also has committee meetings about every 2-3 months at which members plan and organise future events and expeditions. These are actually quite good fun.

How can I keep in touch with the WASC?
You can keep coming back here, our events list is regularly updated. We also suggest you join our email listserver. Once you are a member of the listserver you will be able to send one email and it will go to all club members at once. To join the list server simply enter your email address in the column on the left and press "subscribe". If you have difficulty send an email to secretary@thewasc.org.